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The idea of a fun challenge forms the foundation for this project.  I asked myself, how many collages can I make from one magazine?  To find out the answer to my question, The 2020 Magazine Remix Challenge was formed. In addition, I decided to keep a record of the magazine used for each of the collage series for reasons related to copyright. The project is open ended, meaning it is flexible with potential to evolve over time.


Self assessment in the form of commentary and critique will follow each series.  Mainly to practice my critiquing = writing skills, but foremost to entertain you. 


So far, my 2020 Remix Challenge record is 29 collages from the SEED magazine. The average size of each collage is approximately 9" X 11".  Each collage is pasted to a mixed medium paper with glue stick. So far, the average number of collages per magazine is 15. The completed collage is then scanned, polished and filed under the name of each magazine.    


But it's not just about the numbers!  More importantly, it's about ideas and the quality of design; utilizing, manipulating and playing with the art elements and the principles of design. Striving for just the right combination.  


These magazines are what others were going to throw away. In other words, you could say upcycling old magazines. The upside of upcycling is kind of obvious, but it also means an unpredictable cross section of magazines. In addition, the magazine paper must be sturdy enough to withstand my vigorous cutting and pasting.


NOTE: The digital-online versions of these Remix collages have been slightly adjusted and enhanced, so what you see on the screen is a slightly polished version of the original.


Thank you for stopping by, but do check back soon. You never know what you might miss.







The 2020  Mag  R e m ix EXPLAINED