Carl Schraefel # Collage Art


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Why collage?


Over the past 35 years, I have been working with collage.


Over the course of the last 20 years, I have come to appreciate the simplicity and practicality of creating pure magazine collage - on the go.


Due to space constraints and the fact that I often travel, I have parred down my materials to the bare necessities: solid A4 paper, a good pair of scissors and plenty of glue sticks. Magazines are chosen from where ever I happen to be visiting or temporarily living.


For example, the series I created while staying on Buyakada Island, Turkey reflects a range of collage from impressionistic to abstract; interpreting the environment, the culture, and way of life; often incorporating  images and symbols that help to inform the viewer of a specific time and place, but not always.


The original collage was never meant to last because of the impermanent materials used, but rather preserving the collage through the Giclee printing process. After the collage has been digitally enlarged and printed on high quality paper, the collage has transformed into its final state.


The high quality Giclee ink process enhances the collage as a whole. Enlarging the image about 4 times the original size, helps to reveal subtle details in color and texture. The high quality Giclee print thus becomes a more refined  version of the original collage work.