vogue Remix 2020 Challenge: Commentary- Critque


This magazine has superior paper perfect for cutting and pasting. This magazine produced 13 collages. In addition, Vogue magazines are typically intimidating as they are chock full of the bold and the beautiful. The sexual undertones and the cliché "girls just wanna have fun" mentality makes for interesting story telling. The vibes are strong with an undercurrent of anxiety. Subtle yet sobering symbolism exists in some of the collages. No spoiler alerts- if you look, you will find them. The cohesiveness of this series is apparent through the color intensity- like hyper realistic paintings. Over all, I really like this series. The collages have been arranged from most liked to least liked, from left to right. In my estimate, just two missed the mark.


The cool bearded man with his transporter rings juxtaposed against his side kick parrots puts this collage squarely in the cheesy category. The cool guy and his exotic parrots share some sort of commonality; I wonder, what that could be? Although it's fun to mock, the collage is akin to a still life. Pretty to look at, but just too static. Lastly, Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue looks fabulous. She was rather intimidating, so I was afraid to cut her up too much; afraid Kanye might come after me. Not much going on with this collage other that sitting pretty like a flower. Sorry Kim, being beautiful is just not good enough.

I tried, I cried.