The Cooking of China (1968, Time Life Books) Remix May 2020 Commentary- Critique:

I quite liked the title of this cook book.  I thought about 'the cooking of China' as a metaphor for life in China, a slow boil. However this is not what this cook book is about. Any chef or a connoisseur of Asian cuisine would be thrilled to have a look at this cook book. Technically it's a book and not a magazine. Since this project has been labelled the 2020 magazine challenge, I make one exception. I found this beautiful cook book in a secondhand shop and saw its potential, so I rescued it from a dull existence gathering dust on a lonely bookshelf. Now, The Cooking of China has been reborn into a series of collages.  The challenge of creating as many collages as I can collage brought into existence some unusual collages. There are a few notable collages in this series. They are arranged from the most liked to least liked from top left to right.