Seed, Remix 2020 :

Commentary- Critique


This magazine has superior paper perfect for cutting and pasting. The editor Adam Bly has dedicated this issue of SEED to first born.  He also stated that SEED is a science couture, and that it is at the helm of a cultural shift. SEED defines the science of contemporary urban culture. He went on to say that SEED is a carnet of sequential epiphanies. It remains to be seen just how many sequential epiphanies I can squeeze out of this carnet.


Every page in this magazine was a work of art. The information, and ideas were interesting to ponder; to dwell on the complexity and nature of life. The analogies of birth portrayed in multiple ways were compelling. It was one of the most difficult magazines to cut up. I mean any collage artist would think, -a gold mine waiting to be exploited, but once again, the beauty of the imagery overpowered my decision making- to cut or not to cut, that was my dilemma. I was rendered awestruck, mesmerized, confused, unsure. I second guessed every decision I made. It always felt like the wrong one. Don't underestimate the power of beauty! Medusa syndrome, anyone?  The second level collages are not too bad, but not great either, and the third level collages are incomplete and uninspiring disturbances destined for the trash or to be recycled on a rainy day. I failed to elevate these images.  I am not so sure I squeezed any significant recycled epiphanies out of this SEED;  Sorry Adam. Despite the dubious quality of these collages, I was able to squeeze 22 of them out of this magazine.

Onward, ho! There are more magazines to slay!