Remix Collage: Odds and Ends


Remix 2020 : Odds and ends

Commentary- Critique


These collages are left over pieces of magazine that never got used, but still did not want to throw away. These bits and pieces are left to grow into a pile. When the pile gets large enough, I piece together a collage or two. In between series, like taking a break from starting a new magazine, but not wanting to stop making collages.


In addition, Charly has been nagging me to include her in this project.

Charly is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When I was teaching in Riyadh, Charly was a wee kitten hiding under the abandoned car parked infront of my apartment building. Everyday I checked on her and put out food. Over time she began to approach me and we formed a tennative agreement. That was back in 2016. Alot has happened since then. Charly is now happily ruling the roost in her own three level home in Newfoundland.