National Geographic Remix  2020 Challenge  commentary - critque:


This magazine has a strong paper and a glossy finish which makes it ideal for cutting and pasting. I have used the National Geographic in past collages due to the high caliber of imagery. However, I still harbor some guilt for cutting up such a prestigious magazine. The international vibe one immediately gets from a National Geographic collage is undeniable. This particular issue had some stunning imagery. The stories shine through in most of the collages. The series is unified through the consistent use of the dark earthy tones. The use of illusion and creation of dreamscapes gives the collages an eerie, but intriguing quality. This magazine produced 15 collages. Not a bad number considering that most of them turned out really well. It is much easier to create when you have an abundance of quality images to work with. I give all these collages in this series a pass, only because its too exhausting to discuss the reasons for any perceived weaknesses. 

No bias here!