The National Geographic (Nov. 2013) Remix 2020 Challenge Commentary- Critique:

So far, this is the second National Geographic in the Remix 2020 challenge and as always, the imagery was stunning. However, this particular issue had some grim images that needed special attention. This series technically has 16 collages. The collages are ranked from most liked to least liked, from left to right.


In my opinion, the first three collages from the top left are the most interesting. The canoe and the split scene of a wild underwater thing rising up through the trees has a clever composition playing with dimensions and illusion. Suspend your belief and indulge in the adventure. The second one has brilliant colors with the three main primary colors red, blue and yellow making a grand show of it. The sea turtle and fish in the collage have a graceful and calm motion to them; typical of underwater environments. The third collage is a tough one to look at. Clearly this woman is living in dire circumstances. The jagged points surrounding her provide an emotional signal of this grim situation. These three collages captured and held my attention. They offer dramatic style and color schemes. Other notable collages include all, but the last four.


 Needless to say, one of the collages doesn't even have a physical form.  This series has also broken the rules of the game. Busted! Each collage is to have only one physical side for a 2-dimensional image. The method of working on collage allows both sides to show a different composition. One side I try to control and the flipside is simultaneously created by random chance. One decision can create two effects. Sometimes, the flip side can have an interesting composition. Unfortunately, only one of the collages can be submitted. The collage must have a physical form.