The National Geographic: The world's most beautiful places,  (Special Edition)

Remix 2020 Commentary- Critique:

This magazine produced 25 collages, however; three of the collages were re-worked. Over all, I am satisfied with this series. I took some risks that paid off. The re-worked collages turned out to have a feeling of completeness compared to the original. Often times the germ of an idea can offer up wonderful potential. The vision I have for a new idea often ends up being something very different from my original idea in the end of the process. This evolution is both a struggle to control and a blind trust in heart felt spontaneity. This merging of the two methods seems to have mixed results. The collages are completed quickly and considered to be sketches for future development into paintings, drawings or larger mixed medium creations. In my opinion there are but only a few that would be suitable for collage print.