dwell Remix  2020 Challenge commentary - Critique:


This magazine's paper worked well for cutting and pasting. The magazine produced 14 collages. I like the overall look of this series. I find the colors vibrant with surreal compositions. Despite the fact that each collage is quite different from each other, the rich vibrant quality of the colors adds a cohesiveness to the series. Diversity in subject matter is not necessarily a bad thing and is often unavoidable. This series covers it all from humor, and symbolism to esoteric sensibilities and futuristic looking abstract environments. Each collage has merit and interest. I ranked the collages most liked to least liked, from left to right. However, the scantily clad woman on the red horse may come close to being labelled- cheesy. Despite this collage teetering on the edge of the trash bin, there is a sense of grand cliché pompous elegance in slow motion about it. Hermit, the frog, manages to hold his own against a real life deer! The screaming woman could be the backdrop for a psychological slash horror film poster. Bravo!

Overall, this series turned out better than I first anticipated.