Dazed and Confused, Vol. 4, summer 2018;

Remix June 2020;Commentary- Critique:

This magazine had superior paper for cutting and pasting. The magazine produced a whopping 40 collages.  This was a quality magazine and the ratio of images to text was quite high. A good friend, also an artist donated this magazine towards my collage challenge. I admit the images were intimidating since they were already weirdly interesting. How could I possibly improve or utilize the images to maximize their potential. I may have set myself up with high expectations that something grandiose would come out of this magazine. I am my worst critic because I don't see any super work in this series. There are some notable collages. I would normally try to put them in a general order from most liked to least liked, but there are too many and feel meh about it. A little disappointed they did not turn out better. Most of these collages are quite spontaneous and decision making occurred intuitively, so did not second guess too much. I am a fan of working and re-working a collage by cutting it into shapes and fitting the pieces together like a puzzle to find the best overall look. Sometimes it works out, other times, not so much. It was a fun magazine to cut up. Shout out to Vivienne  Westwood. She is quite an expressive, creative and very much aware woman! Not to mention a blast cutting her up!