Carnival, Abstract, Vampire and Landscape         







A 2021 series that follows a repetitive theme. The four broad themes are: Carnival, Abstract, Vampire, and Landscape. Each image is 45 X 60 cms. Each picture stands alone, but is also part of the series. One group consisting of four themes also suggests a short story sequence or scene. An open ended narrative encourages the viewer to invent a narrative from one picture to the next. The general themes are open to intrepretation on their own or as a group. They may convey a sense of foreboding, depicting a darker side of life and death. However, in contrast some offer up a lighter side of life with humor, Hollywood satire. The juxtaposition of images side by side also offers a broader dramatic sensation. The fantasy vampire figures along side impressionistic landscapes encourages the viewer to imagine the plot. The abstract images suggest transformation or change. The carnival theme in the this series adds to the fantastical story. The portraits of Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt suggest that they are the main characters. Other secondary characters expand on the story line and offer the viewer an opprotunity to imagine their role. For example, the picture: Growing up around vampires may suggest a flashback to an earlier time. This series has12 repetitions of 4 themes, for a total of 48 pictures. Please send a direct message regarding the pricing of the complete series. 



Rolla Coasta
The Shape of Things
If keanu Reeves was a Vampire...