2020 Remix Challenge





Brainstorming ideas for the 2020 Mag Remix Challenge.


Proposing a 'delusional' aspect to this project is a fun way to envision the possibilities without any constraints on creativity. By now you know basically how this project slash competition works. Someone makes collages from discarded magazines and someone wins money off them. The chosen magazine companies are willing to sponsor the cash prizes. But here is where the game gets interesting - twisted.




1. A pile of magazines are chosen and randomly matched up with a range of artists in various stages of their career. Or, each participant is given the same magazine. Some of the people are professional artists even famous artists, and some are just regular starving Janes and Joes and failed artists, those that stopped making art, but are willing to participate. All of them are allowed time to create as many collages as possible from the one magazine chosen based on a roll of the dice. All the magazine covers are up on the screen, say 12 magazines = 12 participants. Three batches = 36 participants in total for the creation of the collages. The participants roll the dice. The magazine number that corresponds with the rolled dice, gets that magazine to cut up. They must only use the tools provided. scissors, glue sticks and sheets of sturdy paper. Here is where it can go two ways. A safety measure to be implemented to ensure participants follow the rules (TBA). Participants sign a contract to waiver any ownership of the art; instead donating their time and art to a good cause.

     One: First batch: Tell all the artists making the collages that each collage may be potentially worth 1000.00 dollars, if they pass the panel of judge's approval.  

     Two: Second batch: Don't tell any of the artists anything about money and ask them to just make as many collages from the magazine given to them. 

     Three: Third batch: Tell some, but don't tell others. 


Once all the collage series have been submitted. A panel of judges will decide how many in the series passes scrutiny to be awarded the 1000 dollars. 


A different segment of the game: A number of participants are called on to play the game. Maybe 2 regular people. People that don't have any art training or perhaps have never ever heard of the word collage.

They are shown all the magazine covers on a screen. Each participant much choose one magazine. The magazine then reveals the collage series. For example the magazine shows 16 collages. At first you may be excited as that means 16000 dollars. But wait! Not all the collages may have passed the judges scrutiny.


This is where it can get dramatic, funny and exciting as well as disappointing. The participant must try to guess which collages in the series passed the judges scrutiny. If the participant chooses the correct collage he or she wins that 1000 dollars. However, if they choose up to three collages in a row that were rejects, they are booted off the show and a new participant comes on.


Obviously some series will have more successful collages than others. It really is a crap shoot!

Afterwards, the person that created the particular magazine collage series comes on stage to share his or her comments on the process and share his or her feelings about which ones the judges chose or rejected.



2.Have a panel of judges rank the collages from best to worst and to support the reason for doing so. Afterwards, participants must try to put the collages in the same order as the judges. Visual impact would mean a large screen displaying all the collages and a mechanism for someone to manipulate the game on screen. For each collage that matches, the participant wins the 1000 dollars. The money has been settled for each company that participates by the judges decision.



3.The magazine company of each series donates the winnings to a worthy charity the amount equal to the number of collages above the line. This idea is more altruistic than the others which I think appeals to more people because the whole idea is about helping others.



4.Any magazine that has a sizable number of images can enter the collage challenge. It becomes an annual competition with huge cash prizes. the magazine companies supply old issues for the show. Artists around the world compete to win. Like an Olympic sport, artists train and practice on magazines at home before the challenge. 


5. Develop into a community based project. Invite people to form a club. The aim of the club is to play the game: The 2020 magazine Challenge. The people in the club or the members get to decide on the rules and pick the judges. Each meeting would be to further the development of the game. Once the game has been established and depending on interest and turnout, the game could be exploited into a live show for further entertainment.  The main aim is to get people together, get people to work together to create a game. The game is played and expands according to number of people interested. Or form a troupe and put on a show.